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Integration Technologies neutral approach to hardware and software and its negotiated discounts with key suppliers ensure tasks are completed on time and within budget. Typical consulting tasks are:

  • Diagnosis and remediation of software errors and malfunctions for supported software operating systems and applications (does not include cost of replacement software, when needed).

  • Diagnosis and remediation of computer and network hardware problems (does not include cost of replacement parts or hardware items).

  • Configuration changes for network and server devices.

  • Strategic planning for business growth

  • Network and technology facility design

  • Disaster preparedness planning

  • Establishment of computer usage policies

  • Documentation of software license compliance

  • Asset inventory and management

  • New product evaluations

To help clients maximize return on investment and achieve their technology goals and objectives, Integration Technologies provides a semi-annual Strategic Business Review. This review evaluates the progress within the client’s technology environment and the associated costs and benefits.

The review provides:

  • An overview of the current environment

  • A summary of service hours utilized

  • An outline of services and projects delivered

  • A detailed list of issues and challenges

  • A detailed asset inventory report

  • Strategic plans and recommendations for network additions and upgrades

  •  Business technology goals and objectives for the following six months

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