Disaster Recovery Solutions

As IT systems have increasingly become critical to smooth operation of most companies, it is important that a Disaster Recovery Plan is in place. This is important since such disasters can result in loss of data and functioning of the system. A Disaster Recovery Plan is made up of three parts: preventive measures, detective measures and corrective measures. This is a process where in case of a disaster, all data and functioning can be brought back to normal with minimal damage to the system and the workplace. At Integration Technologies, we build unique Disaster Recovery Plans for your business and take every measure to protect your company from a crisis. Don’t risk crucial data loss from a system failure or power outage. Our integrated data loss prevention and recovery solutions will assure your office can remain fully functional under any unplanned event. We assure:

Complete on-site and off-site back-up solutions

Data loss prevention

Disaster recovery

Server redundancy

On-line immediate support

“On call” emergency services

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